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Motivating Your Employees

Posted on December 31, 2015 by David Gillman

NGS has customers in virtually every industry out there, and we certainly have our share of manufacturing and distribution customers. One increasing trend we have seen is the public display of metrics that monitor operations.

Many of our industrial customers have a large television or monitor in the warehouse or manufacturing common area used for general purpose messages to employees. NGS can supply a dashboard-like presentation that summarizes operations for display. When you use the auto refresh feature, the presentation will be populated with fresh information regularly throughout the day. 

The general idea is to encourage employees, as a shift or workgroup, to do better. Our customers who are pleased with the results seem to be showing just 2-5 big numbers that show how different production lines, teams, or shifts are performing in comparison to others. (Calling out individuals does not seem to be done anywhere – thankfully.)

NGS software calculates the numbers and displays them in formats and graphs that are easy to digest. The auto update capability refreshes the numbers throughout the work day.

Try it. 

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