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Posted on December 5, 2017 by Bill Langston

Selling Opportunities Created by the Skilled Labor Shortage

When you spend most your time talking to IBM i customers and vendors who make a living serving the IBM Power Systems community, you may come to believe that our market faces a unique challenge in finding skilled workers to fill new positions and replace retiring staff.

I was recently disabused of that notion while talking to managers from companies in the skilled trades and public utility sectors. As they described their fears and frustration over the shortage of people available to replace their aging tradespeople and engineers, they sounded exactly like IT managers. Each expressed concerns about the time and cost associated with training, the knowledge required to maintain legacy systems, the expertise needed to interface old and new technology, and the demand to do all of these things without service disruptions.

When you face a labor shortage, you have a few options. You can raise compensation in the hope you will attract more people, provide more training, or find new technologies that automate and simplify the work so you can meet your goals using fewer, and less skilled, workers. Throughout history, the most successful companies are the ones that take the last path.

This approach is well-suited for data access and analytics. There was a time when most of the people using our NGS-IQ software were IT professionals with programming or computer operations backgrounds. But today, many of our strongest users are business analysts without a technical background. This change is partly due to advances in software and education, but it’s also the result of more and more companies realizing that operational analytics is too important to limit to the domain of workers with scarce technical skills.

Enabling business people to take over tasks that previously required IT staff isn’t always well received by those who have been performing those tasks, but this option is what selling technology is supposed to be about.

New On Demand Video: NGS-IQ - Advanced Functionality for Every Twist and Turn Your Queries Need to Take

The playback of our most recent Webinar is now available in our video library. This Webinar features a quick demonstration of NGS-IQ followed by a terrific conversation with an operations analyst who explains and shows how she uses NGS-IQ to help her company control overtime costs and monitor worker performance. Please encourage your clients to watch this playback. Of course, you're welcome to take a look, too.

IT Jungle Talks About the State of Analytics on IBM i

No one follows the IBM i software market more closely than IT Jungle Contributing Editor Dan Burger. His latest article about IBM i customers who use analytics software includes comments from IBM partners in the market, including NGS.

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