Power Down with Home Free

Unexpected power failures don’t need to result in abnormal terminations and long recovery times. With Home Free watching your power and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), your IBM i (AS/400) will shut itself down normally – without operator intervention – before an abnormal termination can occur.

By combining the benefits of a UPS and Home Free, you can protect your business during short and long power failures. Home Free gives you the freedom to leave your system running unattended around the clock!

Unattended Normal Power Down

Home Free performs a normal power down of your system when utility power fails. Recovering from a normal power down takes less time than recovering from a “quick” power down and requires less labor.

Controlled Termination

Home Free helps batch jobs complete normally before beginning to power down the system, thereby reducing the potential need to return to your last backup before resuming normal processing.

Home Free notifies interactive users who may not be aware of the power failure, to complete their work and sign off immediately. This helps active users end their work normally before the power down.

If Home Free cannot complete all jobs before initiating the power down, it produces a report that tells you which jobs were cancelled. This can save you time and enable you to quickly resume normal processing.

Closes Access Paths

Home Free closes access paths prior to power down so few – if any – must be rebuilt during IPL. Home Free can also submit more than one program immediately following IPL to help you restart communication lines, printers and other devices.

Quick Recovery

By helping batch and interactive jobs complete before performing a normal power down, and by closing access paths, Home Free protects both your system microcode and your application software. When Home Free powers down your system during a power failure, your next IPL is normal from a microcode, application software and OS/400 perspective.


With Home Free

  • Preschedule a staged automatic normal power down of your IBM i in the event of a power outage
  • Reduce restart and recovery time by up to 80%
  • Notify remote users, who may not be aware of the power failure, to quit working and sign off immediately
  • Provide maximum opportunity for batch jobs to complete before the system must be powered down
  • Receive a report of any jobs that might need to be restarted when utility power returns


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