NGS-IQ Desktop Module Workshops

Lesson Description: If you own licenses of the NGS-IQ modules but have not deployed them or are not using all of their capabilities, the NGS-IQ Desktop Module Workshop offers a valuable opportunity to realize an immediate return of your investment in these products. The Workshop is offered either on-site at your company location or online. The step-by-step lessons and comprehensive manual are designed to decrease your IT staff’s involvement in the reporting process by maximizing your users’ own productivity to quickly take advantage of the functionality offered in these modules.

Class Content: Pre-defined exercises, taught "lecture-style" using sample DB2 data from the IQ Tutorial database on NGS’ IBM i server.* The Workshop focuses on capabilities of the NGS-IQ desktop modules (IQ Client, Qport Access, and SmartView) and simplification of the reporting process using Windows functions. New lessons include enhancements in NGS-IQ Release 7.1.

* Lessons can be customized with your company’s business data. NGS would sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Profile of Attendee: Current/potential users of these modules (no query development knowledge required) and IT staff.

Cost: The attractive, low cost of the on-site or online Workshop makes it very affordable for your company’s budget.

Class Time: 4 hours hours.

Contact: Call Jeff Pearson at 800-824-1220, ext 229, for more details, pricing information, or to schedule a Workshop.

Description of Standard Lessons:


NEW: Use the capabilities of IQ Server’s new Web Runner interface to run queries directly from a Web browser or SmartPhone to HTML, Excel spreadsheets or PDF files. Briefly review the Web Links function.


NEW: Develop a simple query with IQ Client, NGS’ drag-and-drag, point-and-click Windows’ query module. Use IQ Client’s HTML Designer to create Web reports and insert style sheets.


Enhance Qport Access’ Microsoft Excel reporting. Output one or multiple queries to workbooks, sheets, and named ranges; save formatting; append or replace data in sheets and ranges.


Daisy-chain two or more queries to run directly from Qport Access.


Link Excel spreadsheets to other Windows applications to automatically update charts and graphs (e.g., PowerPoint presentations) created from Excel output when the query is re-run.


Create SmartView reports and graphs: design the report layout, use drag and drop formatting for multiple views, filter records for specific analysis, drill down from summary to detail, highlight critical values, create graphs, design and save templates, and output to PDF.


NEW: Use SmartView enhancements to create new fields for calculations (margins, percentages, and other values). Export to Excel and HTML.


Output queries directly to PDF. Automatically distribute NGS-IQ reports to e-mail and SmartPhones and messages to cellular phones.


Use .IQP’s to simplify report processing by creating desktop icons and hyperlinks in Windows applications to run NGS-IQ queries in one step.

Other Lessons:


Design drillable HTML reports and XML files.


Create DB2 files from your non-DB2 data with the Transfer to Host feature of Qport Access.


Schedule NGS-IQ reports to run from your PC using the Windows Task Schedule.


Use the NGS-IQ Join Wizard, meta data and meta files to simplify query development by users.

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