NGS-IQ Desktop Module Workshops

Some of the many benefits of using NGS-IQ capabilities that are covered in the NGS-IQ Desktop Module Workshop: 


Qport Access provides direct, secure, one-click output to MS Excel workbooks, sheets, and named ranges with proper column headings, calculations as defined in the underlying query, and leading zeros retained (e.g., zip codes or product numbers).  All formatting, formula, and charts/graphs can be saved and then refreshed – possibly with new record selection – when needed. Other time-saving functions include chaining of IQ queries to run sequentially and populate different workbooks, sheets or ranges within a workbook, and automatic updates of Excel charts and graphs that have been linked to other Windows applications.


SmartView’s drag-and-drop formatting and filtering of records for specific analysis empower users to create offline multiple views and presentations from one IQ query, thereby significantly reducing query revision requests. Unlike Excel output, your business data presented in SmartView is static and cannot be changed or altered, ensuring its validity. (Your auditors will be thrilled!)


NGS-IQ Release 7.1 enhancements allow users to instantly run NGS-IQ queries and view results from their Web browser, smartphones, or tablets. These reports can now include dynamic “Web Links,” so users can initiate drill downs on demand to display the supporting detail behind a report break value. Using IQ Server’s Web Runner function, users can elect to have output in the format they prefer:  HTML, Excel or .PDF.


Using Windows’ functions will help streamline and automate your entire report process. Users simply click on desktop icons and hyperlinks in Windows applications to run their reports and can schedule IQ queries to run when needed directly from their Windows’ task scheduler.

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