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7.0 is the latest release of NGS-IQ. This release introduces the addition of a new module to the NGS-IQ analytics suite, IQ Connexion. Highlights of this release are listed below to assist current and prospective NGS-IQ customers in their planning and evaluation process. New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) reserves the right to change the contents and availability of its software at any time without notice. Please contact your NGS sales representative for more details.

IQ Server

Web Links

Reports intended for viewing over the Web can now include “Web Links,” so users can initiate drill downs on demand to display the supporting detail behind a report break value. The Web Link creates a hyperlink in the Web report that initiates the execution of an NGS-IQ™ query. The report break value associated with the hyperlink is automatically passed into the next query so that NGS-IQ can retrieve and present the associated detail data.

IQ Server™, IQ Client™, and Qport® Builder users can still develop static HTML reports with drill down hyperlinks to the different levels of detail in the report, as of when the report was run. With Web Links, users have the flexibility to design “live” reports that present data on demand, over the Web, without having to write HTML code or SQL scripts.

New “WebRunner” Interface for Running NGS-IQ Queries

IQ Server now includes a run-time Web interface that lets users generate HTML, Excel, and PDF output right from their Web browser and many smartphones. Users identify the query name, library, and output format, run the query, and see the resulting output. WebRunner is included as a standard feature of IQ Server.

Enhanced Email and Report Distribution

Query developers can now enter field names in the TO, CC, BCC, SUBJECT, and MESSAGE lines of an email message and have the query substitute the value of those fields at run time to customize the distribution list, subject, and message as needed. You can also enter a field name when defining the path on IBM i IFS where you want PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, or TXT output stored. You may also now create queries that send alert messages when executed if specific conditions are present in the output.

IQ Client

IQ Client – NGS-IQ’s New, Separately Licensed, Windows “Smart Client” Query Development Module

New Web Report Design Features

Users of IQ Client™ now have extensive Web design capabilities, so they can customize the presentation of Web reports just like a Web Master. The new Web report design features make it easy to incorporate logos, graphic images, and other elements into a report; customize the report layout; add hyperlinks to Web pages or applications; and much more. Developers can let IQ Client generate the underlying HTML code as they navigate through the drag-and-drop Web design environment or edit the HTML directly if desired.

IQ Client (cont’d.)

Simplified File Joins

IQ Client now supports a desktop-specific version of the popular “Join Wizard” feature of IQ Server. IQ Client now also offers a new feature that makes changing the join relationship between two files much easier.

Enhanced File Downloading

When downloading DB2 files, you can specify if you want logical, physical, meta, or some combination of those file types. Downloaded files are displayed with a (P), (L), or (M) to indicate file type. You may also now use the ‘*’ character as a wildcard when searching for files.

IQ Client can now generate a local file structure from your query design for use in other IQ Client queries. You don’t need to upload and run the query or connect to IBM i to create the file needed to write a second query while working offline.

Enhanced Query Downloading and Uploading

You can now tell IQ Client to immediately open a query after downloading it. You can now upload multiple queries at a time with the ‘*’ character as a wildcard to display a list of queries beginning with the same letter or letters.

New History Log

IQ Client now creates a log file where it maintains a history of every query uploaded to IQ Server.


SmartView™ Calculated Fields, Exports, and Enhanced Filtering

You can now create calculated fields from data fields in your SmartView models. This makes it easy to add margins, averages, and other summaries. SmartView also now offers one-step exports to Excel and HTML as well as helpful icons to simplify filtering data out and into your presentation.

IQ Connexion

IQ Connexion™ – A New NGS-IQ Module for Accessing Data on Other Platforms

IQ Connexion, a separately licensed module of NGS-IQ, enables you to query data stored in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 (on IBM i and other platforms), and PostgreSQL databases in real time when you run a query. IQ Connexion loads the remote data into a DB2 file where it can be used by your query.


New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) reserves the right to change the contents and availability of its software at any time without notice.
NGS-IQ, IQ Server, IQ Client, Qport Builder, IQ Connexion, and SmartView are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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