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NGS-IQ Enhanced Business Intelligence Suite Now Available

Sacramento, California ... March 26, 2007... New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS), an established developer of IBM System i business solutions, has announced distribution of Release 6.50 of its NGS-IQ business intelligence solutions. This release, which includes enhancements in both the host and the client modules of the product line, provides NGS-IQ customers with increased flexibility and functionality in responding to the diverse reporting requirements of their managers and users.

In IQ Server, the native System i query engine for NGS-IQ, results of report break summary and new field calculations are now assigned their own, individual, XML tags when users output to XML. This new capability provides greater flexibility when generating XML files and simplifies the development of dashboards with the NGS Business Performance Dashboard solution.

IQ Server’s enhanced ASCII output now gives users the option to indicate whether field names or column headings should be inserted into the first row of the delimited or text output file. This capability makes it much easier for those receiving these files to understand their data.

NGS-IQ Release 6.50 offers more options to work with dates and times. Users can create date new fields from existing date fields, character fields, literal, or system values, and output the date new fields in a variety of formats, including MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, DD.MM.YYYY, YY/DDD, and more. Forward slashes, hyphens, periods, commas, or blanks can be assigned as the separator in the new field. Users can also create time and timestamp new fields from existing character values inside a character field, literal, or system value.

Spreadsheet users will appreciate an added function in the seamless interface between Microsoft Excel and Qport Access, NGS-IQ’s client module that allows direct data output to MS Office applications. The new enhancement allows users to instruct Qport Access to retain leading zeroes in an alphanumeric field when outputting an NGS-IQ query to Excel. This capability is important for companies that enter zeros at the beginning of account numbers, part numbers, customer ID codes, or other important fields and then need Excel to understand that these values should not be treated as numeric values when output to the spreadsheet.

Release 6.50 of NGS-IQ also provides enhanced security, supporting the use of long and mixed-case passwords when connecting from Qport Access to the System i and when attempting to invoke the FTP and Remote Network Output file functions. This enhancement dramatically increases the number of passwords that can be assigned, thereby reducing a company’s vulnerability to unauthorized user access.

With over 20,000 System i users throughout the world, NGS has been an industry leader since 1982 in developing field-proven software for business intelligence and financial management. Both NGS-IQ and the Concert Series Financial Management System are recognized by IBM as “Server Proven Solutions.” NGS is an Advanced Member of IBM PartnerWorld for Developers.

NGS-IQ, IQ Server, Qport Access, and Concert Series are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc. The IBM logo and System i are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

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