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ConcertPro Links NGS A/P and A/R to MS Excel

Sacramento , California ... March 17, 2008... New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS), Inc. has expanded the capability of ConcertPro, a Microsoft Excel-based reporting module of NGS’ Concert Series™ Financial Management System, to include its Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable applications. Using ConcertPro, accountants and other financial users can quickly download account distributions and invoices from their Concert Series A/P and A/R data on the System i directly to their Excel spreadsheets. ConcertPro has been available and deployed by NGS’ Concert Series General Ledger customers for the last few years.

With ConcertPro for A/P and A/R, users can produce account distribution listings to locate invoices or checks that affect a specific G/L account, identify incorrectly allocated transactions, or track account activity. ConcertPro allows users to download open and history transactions by specifying date ranges, account types, and accounts – all within or across companies, in summary or detail information, and with or without totals.

The data presented includes General Ledger account number, date the transaction affected the account, transaction description, document numbers, invoice and check dates, and vendor identification.

ConcertPro for A/P and A/R enables companies to review invoices for spending patterns, plan payments by currency type, estimate incoming cash versus timing of liability payments, analyze sales activity, and create customized statements for a third party payer.

Users can download and review open and history invoices from A/P or A/R by specifying invoice date, due date, or G/L effective date. Additionally, they can specify vendors, regions, products, priorities, and currency types for A/P invoices, and specify customers, salespersons, regions, classifications, and currency types for A/R invoices. As with account distribution listings, all invoices may be selected as summary or detail information and with or without totals.

The data presented for invoices includes company and vendor identification, invoice number, date and description, both original invoice and discount amount, and amounts remaining. The listing shows discount date and due date, along with product, region, priority, currency type. In A/P, the listing also shows purchase order number; in A/R, the data also includes class, salesperson, and transaction description.

Concert Pro has proved to be a valuable, convenient reporting tool for our General Ledger customers. We’re confident our Concert Series A/P and A/R customers will benefit as well in having the familiar Windows work environment and a streamlined approach to simplify data access and analysis,” stated Bernard Gough, CEO and President of NGS.

Concert Series is a suite of integrated, yet modular applications for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Human Resources. The advanced function modules seamlessly interface with other business applications, such as ERP. Concert Series is designed to track multiple companies, divisions and centers, while adhering to the security within i5/OS.

With over 20,000 System i users across the globe, NGS is an industry leader in developing high performance, field-proven software solutions and is an Advanced Member of IBM PartnerWorld for Developers. Both their Concert Series Financial Management System and NGS-IQ Business Intelligence System are recognized by IBM as “ServerProven Solutions.”

Concert Series, ConcertPro, and NGS-IQ are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc. The IBM logo and System i are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.

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