IBM Says It’s Time to Replace Query/400. So, What Are Your Options?

IBM Fees and Services

Customers considering DB2 Web Query Express or Standard should ask their IBM Business Partner to clarify the SWMA fees and terms. The V2.2 software is being shipped to customers who have current DB2 Web Query SWMA. Those with the base product and none of the separately licensed features/modules are shipped the V2.2 Express license. Those who previously licensed more than the base license are shipped the Standard edition. IBM SWMA fees for the Standard Edition are significantly higher than for the Express Edition. It is possible your company will receive the Standard edition, and an invoice for its much higher SWMA, if you previously licensed separately priced features now included in the Standard edition. If you are not using or don't plan to use DB2 Web Query, or you have found your users mostly turn to the familiar interface of Query/400 instead of DB2 Web Query, ask your IBM Business Partner if you can be switched to the Express license and its lower SWMA cost.

Customers not on DB2 Web Query SWMA who are upgrading to IBM i 7.2 or 7.3 or transferring to a new IBM Power System server can decline to order DB2 Web Query SWMA and still receive license keys for Query/400 if desired. If at a later date customers wish to use DB2 Web Query, they must order SWMA and pay an “after license” fee. The after license fee for the Express edition is $2,520US per core. The after license fee for the Standard edition is $12,600US per core. These after license fees apply even if you never installed or implemented DB2 Web Query.

Given these still numerous variables – users, groups, cores, and modules – you may be asking what DB2 Web Query Express or Standard will cost your company. A mid-size IBM i customer on a P10 model with 20 users who have a need to run queries, a need to automate some queries by using a job scheduling utility, and an interest in integrating DB2 Web Query into their business application software, would need to license the Standard edition, plus potentially a few Developer Workbench licenses and run only groups. This configuration of users and features could cost approximately $25,000US. IBM SWMA and possibly IBM lab services could easily add another 25% to that total. Adding the ability to leverage the processing power of a second core would add over $10,000US to the total. A smaller customer on a P5 model with just a few query developers and 10 users who occasionally run queries might spend approximately $7,500US to $10,000US for software and SWMA, and possibly even more if IBM lab services are required.

The query, reporting, and analytics software market is very competitive. Given the cost of the examples above or even if your cost may be moderately lower, you are obligated to take time to look at alternatives to ensure you are getting the best solution and value for your organization.


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We encourage you to read the DB2 Web Query Redbook.

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Legal Notice: NGS believes all of the above information is accurate at the time of publication. However, IBM software products and marketing policies are subject to change at any time, without notice. Speak to your IBM or IBM Business Partner representative for current product, pricing, and support information. We welcome your comments.

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