IBM Says It’s Time to Replace Query/400. So, What Are Your Options?

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Technical Support Relationship of IBM and IBI

DB2 Web Query is a joint venture of IBM and IBI Tibco. In some cases, customers inquiring about additional DB2 Web Query function may be told they should license IBI Tibco’s WebFOCUS software at a substantial additional cost.

IBM technical support specialists sometimes need the assistance of IBI Tibco technical staff when trying to respond to customer questions that require a deep understanding of the DB2 Web Query software. This course of action can result in prolonged response time and miscommunication as multiple parties get involved in the discussion.

If you have a question about NGS-IQ, from technical questions to inquiries about additional features or modules, you can call NGS. Nearly every time you do, you’ll be connected to a live person who will know the answer. We know that’s unusual and you may not believe it, so we hope you’ll put us to the test.


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We encourage you to read the DB2 Web Query Redbook.

DB2 Web Query for i Wiki

Resumption of Query/400 Stand-Alone Licensing

Alternative Solutions Available from NGS

Legal Notice: NGS believes all of the above information is accurate at the time of publication. However, IBM software products and marketing policies are subject to change at any time, without notice. Speak to your IBM or IBM Business Partner representative for current product, pricing, and support information. We welcome your comments.

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