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A Different Kind of Software Vulnerability:

Ukraine War, Armenia-Russia Alliance Demands New Thinking
About Offshore IT

Posted on March 3, 2022 by Bill Langston 

Hopefully you’ve eliminated your company’s Log4j risks and improved your security practices. Now, world events strongly point to a different security risk: dependence on offshore IT staffing and offshore software development in nations either at risk of attack or aligned with rogue nations.

You may be dependent on offshore resources even if you don’t have contracts or staff members overseas. Well-known software vendors, including some with applications that run on IBM i, have development teams in the Baltics, Ukraine, Armenia, and other at-risk countries. Until recently, the location of these resources may have seemed irrelevant. Now, it is something you may want to ask your vendors to disclose. It’s certainly something to weigh when evaluating new applications for your enterprise.

All NGS product development and technical support are located in the United States.

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