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Business Resiliency—Combat Skills Shortage with Turnover Preparedness

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Teresa Moy

While some vendors are addressing business resiliency, covering solutions from disaster recovery to encryption, they often overlook or ignore this somewhat mundane but critical aspect that can have a large impact on a company’s future success – “turnover preparedness.”

As the current generation of IT professionals looks forward to retirement, the next generation of IT professionals is often left “high and dry,” with little documentation to guide them through the business operations for which they are responsible.

In the September issue of IBM Systems Magazine, NGS’ Director of Marketing, Bill Langston, discusses the importance of turnover preparedness and offers suggestions for handling skills shortage in your company.

Here’s the link to Bill’s article in IBM Systems Magazine:
Are You Ready for Turnover? Broaden the scope of resiliency planning to include training and skills development

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