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Essential, Invisible Enterprises and IBM i

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Bill Langston

NGS supports customers of all sizes and across all industries. These companies create, distribute, and provide products and services that we all rely on or consume on a daily basis – engine parts, steel, agricultural products, snack foods, pest control services, groceries, medical devices, containers, tools, paint, lighting, carpet, newspapers, clothes, healthcare services, tires, financial services, sporting goods, education, and on and on. The bond they share is their decision to run their core business on IBM i.

Unless you work for one of these companies or know someone who does, you can easily take their products for granted and go through life without much thought to their importance to our economy and the quality of our lives. When operating well, they do what they do so reliably that they become almost invisible to us. However, they are no less essential.

In the same vein, we assume you want your essential business information systems to perform the same way – reliably and nearly invisibly. That’s probably one reason your company runs its core business processes on IBM i.

In this technological age where everything from what we’re having for dinner to what darling things our kids and pets are doing is broadcasted instantaneously through social media, virtually no one but vendors and IBM talk about IBM i. Why? Because people talk about the things that surprise, delight, and annoy them. They tweet and post about things that incite emotion, not things they take for granted.

Business software and computers like the ones we run are designed to be taken for granted, just like some of the products and services mentioned above.

So, we will continue being invisible but essential, doing what we do best – developing and modifying business software to meet our customers’ needs.

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