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“NGS Customer Success Program” = Education
AND ≠ Selling

 Posted on October 20, 2015 by Bill Langston

NGS devotes considerable resources to sending product specialists into the field to meet face to face with our customers.  We initiated this effort, which we call our “Customer Success” program, several years ago to proactively connect with new users who have often never received training and with long-time users who are increasingly wearing multiple hats and spending less time keeping up with new releases.

If you've taken advantage of one of these sessions with an NGS product specialist, hopefully you and your staff gained new knowledge and discovered we were there to answer questions, teach, and learn—not to sell you more products (although you are allowed to do that, too, if needed).

Other vendors and sometimes new customers ask why we travel when we could be holding Web meetings and conference calls from the comfort of our home office. The fact is, we also do those things every business day, but even with today's technology, we're almost always able to cover more topics in greater depth and reach more people when we meet you face to face.

The next time we contact you about visiting with you or your staff, we hope you’ll remember the benefits of this program.

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