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IBM Power Finds Its Place in the Cloud

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Bill Langston

Technology vendors and consultants love to invent and use new terminology to differentiate their products and expertise. In recent years, I’d argue the most frequently used and redefined term in the computing industry is “cloud.” When a term is used often and conjoined with other terms, usually through the liberal use of hyphens, it quickly becomes more difficult for people to understand. That’s when most of us tune out. Ironically, this is often the point in the technology life cycle when related solutions reach maturity and their associated costs and risks begin to decline. We think 2018 is that time for IBM Power and the cloud, so we're co-sponsoring a FREE educational Webinar about IBM Power cloud capabilities with LightEdge Solutions on February 8, 2018.

We’re not a cloud provider, but we take software support very seriously. We know many of you are curious about managed services, cloud, and co-location to help you meet business continuity, disaster recovery, security, infrastructure, and staffing requirements. You might also be interested in using NGS-IQ as a cloud reporting and analytics solution. There is a lot to know and not all clouds or providers are alike. We encourage you to attend this Webinar and learn what's possible.

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