Graphical, Web, and Mobile Query and Reporting
for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) Users

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NGS-IQ™ enables business users and analysts to write queries that can:

  • output to Excel, Access, Word, PDF, CSV, TXT, HTML, and XML
  • develop analytical reports
  • build multidimensional models
  • integrate Web reporting with charts and drill-down features into your intranet or Web portal

Query developers enjoy powerful, time saving features, including:

  • conditional (if-then), new column (field) calculations
  • run-time prompting for row (record) selection and calculation formulas
  • date formatting and arithmetic
  • simplified table (file) joins (inner, outer, exception, one-to-many, unions)
  • report break summaries and calculations based on summary results
  • SQL group by and having
  • program exits to support unique data access and manipulation processes
  • query usage statistics and change management
  • optional table (file) and column (field) aliases to make data elements easier to understand

NGS-IQ provides built-in email and FTP, plus the benefits of IBM i security and querying remote data sources.  You can modernize your reporting without adding another server or database to your network.

New Generation Software, Inc. also offers these solutions:

  • Qport Office—easy-to-learn tool that enables users to run IBM Query/400 queries from the Windows desktop and output to Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access.
  • NGS Query Developer Kit—affordable, one developer license of our query and Web reporting tools bundled with online education and technical support.

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