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Archives: December 2015

Motivating Your Employees

Posted on December 31, 2015 by David Gillman

NGS has customers in virtually every industry out there, and we certainly have our share of manufacturing and distribution customers. One increasing trend we have seen is the public display of metrics that monitor operations.

Many of our industrial customers have a large television or monitor in the warehouse or manufacturing common area used for general purpose messages to employees. NGS can supply a dashboard-like presentation that summarizes operations for display. When you use the auto refresh feature, the presentation will be populated with fresh information regularly throughout the day. 

The general idea is to encourage employees, as a shift or workgroup, to do better. Our customers who are pleased with the results seem to be showing just 2-5 big numbers that show how different production lines, teams, or shifts are performing in comparison to others. (Calling out individuals does not seem to be done anywhere – thankfully.)

NGS software calculates the numbers and displays them in formats and graphs that are easy to digest. The auto update capability refreshes the numbers throughout the work day.

Try it. 

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Happy Unplugged Holidays!

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Teresa Moy

Last month, we wrote a post on business and social media. Now with the holiday season in full swing, I’d like to redirect our focus to being less techie and being more sociable. Everywhere we go, we see people attached to their mobile devices. We spend a lot of time gazing at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, catching up on what others are doing or getting others caught up on what we are doing. What happened to the days when down time while waiting to get that much needed coffee was spent just standing there in line?

holiday tree cordNothing spells out the holiday spirit better than a good ol’ fashioned “Happy Holidays!” tweet that goes out to all of our followers in a single click. At holiday parties and get togethers, all the smartphones and tablets are still out in force, and we may spend just as much time taking photos, texting, and posting about each moment as talking to the people we are supposed to be socializing with.

Don’t get me wrong; I will probably send a “Season’s Greetings!” post to my family and friends, check Facebook to see what they are doing, and use my smartphone to capture some of our precious holiday moments, too. But during this festive season, when we’re at that holiday party or get together, let’s try to put down all the mobile devices and slowly back away – at least for a little while – and look into the faces of our family and friends. Let’s call our faraway loved ones instead of texting them. Let’s look around and feel the magic and awe of the holiday season.

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Annoying Jargon

Posted on December 14, 2015 by David Gillman

Every industry has its inside language that only the inner core understands. Quite possibly, IT is more that way than most other company departments. Within IT, vendor marketing departments come up with new terms constantly. A lot of these terms can be annoying to seasoned professionals. 

We want to hear what bugs IBM i IT pros. What are some terms that annoy you? Send them via email to me at We are going to collect the terms and use them in a cool contest after the start of the new year.

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IBM Hardware and Software Support Explained

Posted on December 1, 2015 by David Gillman

Navigating IBM software and hardware maintenance programs is not easy. While some things change, other parts of IBM support stay the same. Keeping up with the changes can be time consuming and is usually something that keeps dropping down the task list for most IBM i IT people.

Figuring out how support programs work with IBM i is very difficult for people new to the platform or businesspeople who manage IT departments. In order to help our customers (and others) understand what is included in different IBM support and maintenance programs, we ask an expert – Doug Fulmer of KS2 Technologies.

Doug works with companies across the country using IBM i.  Before KS2, Doug worked for IBM for many years, so he has an understanding of IBM hardware and software support programs very few people have.

This video is a great educational tool for people new to the IBM i platform as well as a refresher for old hands.

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