Concert Series Technology

NGS’ Concert Series is built on a foundation called the Concert Master architecture, which ensures security, integration, a consistent “look and feel,” and common user environment across all Concert Series applications.

It provides managers with the tools needed to control their information systems environment, and end users with a comfortable, consistent user interface they can grasp quickly and easily.

Both Information Systems and Accounting professionals benefit from the Concert Master architecture.

  • Software written exclusively for IBM i.
  • Integrated report writing applications that work hand-in-hand with Db2 for IBM i to provide fast, user-tailored output.
  • Comprehensive security delivering cross-application menu customization and control.
  • Economical use of disk space for maximum long-term cost effectiveness.
  • Enhanced programming logic that virtually eliminates the potential for record locks during processing.
  • Built-in disaster recovery logic that protects against the chance of having to reload from a backup in the event of a system failure.
  • Easy implementation through the use of standard outside system interface utilities that help you prepare, edit and pass in data from non-NGS systems.
  • Built-in interfaces to Microsoft Excel to simplify data access and entry.
  • NaviGuide, a cross-application navigation system, to help you move quickly from task to task.

This Concert Series technology can make the difference between just keeping up with your workload and having the time and information you need to effectively manage your business.

Concert Series is also available in the Concert Grand graphical user interface (GUI) version. Concert Grand offers a comfortable Windows environment for the entire functionality of Concert Series.

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