NGS-IQ™ Release 7.1 NGS-IQ

7.1 is the latest release of NGS-IQ™. Highlights of this release are listed below to assist current and prospective NGS-IQ customers in their planning and evaluation process. New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) reserves the right to change the contents and availability of its software at any time without notice. Please contact your NGS sales representative for more details.

IQ SeQure

Query Inventory Control

The new Query Inventory Control feature of IQ SeQure is designed to give you a quick way to search through your queries to find ones that might be able to help you satisfy a new query request. With this function, you gain the ability to assign an extended description and list of keywords to every query you save. The query name, library, extended description and keywords, as well as the standard 50-character query description text, can be loaded into the Query Inventory database which IQ SeQure users can search in a wide range of ways. This can be a huge time saving feature as well as aid in consistency and data integrity because it encourages you to re-use or copy previously tested queries as the starting point for new development. You can also display a history log showing who created the query, when it was created, each time it’s been changed, run, etc.

After installing release 7.1, you can run a command to load your existing queries and their current 50-character descriptions into the Query Inventory database. Thereafter, you can use the new extended description and keywords options to extensively document your work and take full advantage of the Query Inventory search functions. You do not need to be using other features of IQ SeQure to benefit from the Query Inventory database and search capabilities.

Security Area Reports

There is a new SECRPT command to produce reports for each security area within NGS-IQ.

IQ Server

Enhanced Send Email Command

The SENDEMAIL command has been enhanced to allow you to attach database, spool, and Integrated File System (IFS) files to your email message. If you haven’t used this command, take a look also at the options already available for creating .CSV and .TXT files from Db2 files and sending them to one or more email addresses.

Enhanced Support for Email Distribution Lists

The new *DBADDRLIST function can be used on the email TO, CC, and BCC lines of a query when you want to have the query result or just an alert message sent to a distribution list stored in a Db2, source physical, or flat file.

Enhanced Email Distribution Control from RUNIQ Command

The RUNIQ command has been enhanced to allow you to override the FROM, TO, CC, BCC, subject, and message individually and use the value *SAME to indicate the values you do not want to override at run time. This level of control greatly enhances the use of the email function when running queries from job schedulers and CL programs.

Change Next Query Command

IQ Server now offers the CHGNXTQRY command so that you can change the query name entered in the “Query to Run Next” part of the query definition.

Change User Exit Program

IQ Server now offers the CHGUSREXIT command so that you can change the name of an exit program referenced in your query definition.

IQ Server (cont’d.)

Enhanced Meta Data

You may now create a logical meta file over multiple joined Db2 files so that users will only see the logical file when viewing the selected files panel. This option may be secured using the CRTMETAVIEW command.

IQ Client


IQ Client users can now add a wide range of two and three dimensional charts to their HTML report layouts. Chart types include column, line, bar, pie, and doughnut styles that you can adjust for height, width, color, font, scale, and other formatting properties. Charts are linked to report breaks in your query. You may have multiple charts in your query output.

Chart Links

When designing an HTML report layout that includes charts, you can include Chart Links so that users can initiate drill downs to display the supporting detail behind a report break value. The Chart Link is a hyperlink in the Web report that initiates the execution of the linked NGS-IQ query. The report break value associated with the hyperlink is automatically passed into the linked query as either a run-time record selection or new field variable so that NGS-IQ can retrieve and present the associated data.

Change Query Library

IQ Client now has a menu option to change the library associated with a file used in a query. This function is very helpful if you have development and production libraries and want to move a query into production after testing or if you have multiple libraries with the same file structure and you want to use a query over the data in a different library without having to write a new query.

Change Query File

IQ Client now provides you with a menu option to change the name of a file used in a query. This function is very helpful if you have files with identical layouts but different names, and you want to run your query over the data in the other file without having to write a new query.

Query Definition Report

IQ Client now provides you with a menu option to display a report that documents the properties of a query. You may keep multiple query definition reports open in different windows and study them while developing another query. Studying the design and layout of another query can be very helpful when you are developing a new query, especially if your query uses Web Links or Chart Links.

Previous Queries List

The IQ Client file drop-down menu now includes the names of the last nine queries you have worked on to save you time and aid your memory when you resume working in the software.

Unjoined Files Alert

A bold, red message displays across the top of the Selected Files panel if you have un-joined files in your query.



* New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) reserves the right to change release dates and enhancements at any time without notice.
** NGS-IQ, IQ SeQure, IQ Server, and IQ Client are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc.

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