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Replacing Query/400: Your Options

IBM Has Withdrawn DB2 Web Query. IBM Query/400 Is Outdated. What Now?

IBM is no longer marketing DB2 Web Query and has announced that customers will lose support when their current software maintenance (SWMA) period ends. Whether you are using DB2 Web Query or the legacy Query/400 application, IBM recommends looking at alternative solutions.

IBM DB2 Web Query Withdrawal Announcement
IT Jungle Article, October 11, 2023

While this detour is both frustrating and unexpected for many IBM i customers, we invite you to learn more about NGS-IQ – an affordable, proven, and easy-to-learn alternative.

NGS-IQ Subscription Licensing Plan

NGS-IQ Subscription Licensing Plan

NGS offers you many ways to bring NGS-IQ into your organization. Our most recent offering is the NGS-IQ Subscription which enables you to license the software for as many users you need and renew your subscription annually.


Query for i

IBM Brings Back Stand-Alone Availability of Query/400

On January 8, 2019, IBM announced that after a 12-year effort to migrate customers to IBM DB2 Web Query, it will again allow customers to order Query/400 as a stand-alone application covered by your IBM i software maintenance.

This announcement strongly indicates Query/400’s enduring presence in the IBM i environment. As part of this announcement, IBM also renamed the software Query for i. Read more.

Short NGS-IQ Overview


View a Short Overview of NGS-IQ

NGS Query Developer Kit (QDK)

The NGS Query Developer Kit

Small shop? Tight budget? Need help creating projects to inspire others in your company about analytics? Order the NGS Query Developer Kit.

The NGS QDK includes one seat license of our graphical query and Web report development module, one concurrent user of our Windows desktop run-only interface, and two concurrent users of our host query processing environment with Web reporting features.

For just $1,850, we provide the software, a one-year license with maintenance, telephone and Web-based education, and toll-free support.

NGS' Query/400 API

NGS’ Query/400 API

NGS offers a Query/400 API that allows IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) customers and ISVs to run and enhance queries developed with IBM Query/400 from within its NGS-IQ analytics and reporting software. Read more.

Qport Office

NGS’ Qport Office

For a limited time, NGS has waived the license fee for a two-concurrent user license of Qport Office to qualified IBM i customers who complete an NGS Software License Agreement. Read more.

Using SQL Views to Simplify Db2 on i Query and Reporting

Using SQL Views to Simplify Db2 on i Query and Reporting

NGS recommends companies migrating from IBM DB2 Web Query consider creating SQL Views as the alternative to DB2 Web Query's meta data synonyms. If you're new to SQL Views, we encourage you to watch Simon Hutchinson ( explain how to create them. Read more.

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Evaluating Analytics Software

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