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New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) provides query, reporting, and analytics solutions tailored for both big and small IBM i customers—in every industry and geography. Our solutions include the following:


NGS-IQ is a comprehensive query, reporting, and analytics solution designed to satisfy operations, auditing, and compliance requirements. Thousands of busy IBM i users turn to NGS-IQ when they need an ad-hoc query, production report, up-to-date spreadsheet, real-time Web report, OLAP model, or file that’s easy to share.

NGS Query Developer Kit (QDK)

The NGS QDK is a one developer, two-concurrent user solution designed to economically satisfy the query and reporting needs of small shops and departments. It can also enable an enterprise team with the most popular features needed to get started. For just $1,850, we provide the software, a one-year license with maintenance, telephone and Web-based education, and toll-free support.

NGS-IQ Subscription

The NGS-IQ subscription plan includes NGS-IQ’s Microsoft 365, Windows and Web integration features, IBM i-based administration and security, education, technical support, and software maintenance. A multi-year commitment isn’t required. You may add NGS-IQ users and modules anytime.

Qport Office

Qport Office is a Windows, run-only interface to IBM Query for i (Query/400). If you still use Query for i and don't have the budget to upgrade to an alternative right now, NGS-IQ charges no license fee for a two-concurrent user license of Qport Office—so your users can output those queries to Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word.


Use the table below to decide which NGS offering is right for you.

Which NGS Solution is Right for You?

Compare these partial lists of product features.





Qport Office
(Pay No License
Fee for Two Users)

Windows and
5250 Query Development


Run Query/400 Queries

Output to Microsoft Excel

Output to Microsoft Access

Output to Microsoft Word

Output to PC Printer

Output to Windows Display

Run Queries from Web Pages, Portals, SmartPhones


Comprehensive HTML Report Formatting


On Demand Drill Down
on Summary Values in Web Reports and Charts


Output to HTML


Output to XML


Output to PDF


Output Portable Analytical Reports


Conditional (If-Then) New Field Calculations


Run-Time Prompting for New Field Calculation Logic


Run-Time Prompting for Record Selection Criteria


Distribute Query Results via E-Mail and/or FTP


Optional Meta-Data Directory


Field and Record Level Security


Transfer Data to Db2 for i
from Other Environments


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