Schedule Your Personal Excel Tutoring

An NGS tutoring specialist will personally take your NGS Microsoft Excel users and managers through this NO-COST, one-hour session to learn time-saving features that will enhance their Excel reporting! There's no limit to the amount of people who can attend  this online class which includes a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial guide for each attendee.

We'll cover the following in an informative way, tailored to the level of expertise of the attendees:

1. Excel Reporting Basics

  • sending output to Excel spreadsheets in one easy step
  • creating, replacing, and appending to an Excel range
  • applying Excel’s conditional formatting to your query output
  • running queries from desktop shortcuts and hyperlinks

2. Additional Excel Reporting Features

  • automatically translating query report break summaries into Excel formulas
  • retaining leading zeros in field values (zip codes, customer numbers, item numbers, etc.)
  • specifying print options from the Qport Access screen (NEW)
  • enlarging the font size on your Qport Access screen (NEW)


Optional Lesson: Using NGS-IQ
to Create and Update Microsoft Excel
Pivot Tables

  • creating an Excel pivot table
  • adding pivot table charts, filters, and slicers
  • refreshing the pivot table
  • automating the refresh process

What's Qport Access?

Qport® Access lets Windows users run queries built with NGS-IQ™—NGS’ integrated query, reporting, and analytics solution—and securely and efficiently deliver results directly to Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and NGS' SmartView OLAP module.

Please schedule your Excel Tutoring and/or optional Pivot Table Lesson. If you have any questions, call us at (800) 824-1220.

Download a PDF of the Excel Tutoring Guide using the password NGS emailed you. If you don't know the password, contact NGS.

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