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What is the NGS Query Developer Kit (NGS QDK)?
The NGS QDK is a query and reporting solution for companies using the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) system. It includes an advanced function query and report writing application with a graphical, point-click developer module for the Windows PC, Web browser, and 5250 interfaces for query execution.

Do you have other products?
The NGS QDK is a subset of our comprehensive reporting and analytics solution known as NGS-IQ. There is more information about NGS-IQ on this website. You are also welcome to email us at us at or call (800) 824-1220.

Is this a Windows query tool?
The NGS QDK is an IBM i solution that includes a Windows desktop development module and Windows, Web browser, and 5250 run-time interfaces.

Is the software user friendly?
The NGS QDK is easy to learn, and you don't need to have advanced technical skills. We teach non-technical people how to use the software every day. No programming is required. You use the point-click, drag-drop Windows interface to write your queries.

What is the catch?
We understand your caution. There really is no catch, except that we hope after using the QDK you will decide your company would benefit by eventually adding more users.

How can we learn more about the QDK?
Please tell us your email address and telephone number so that we can contact you and answer your questions, or call us at (800) 824-1220.

Software Requirements

How many people can use the NGS QDK?
The NGS QDK enables one user to develop queries and Web reports, one concurrent Windows run-only user, and up to two queries processing concurrently on the host IBM server.

Does it work with Office 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365?
The software will work with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365.

What other software is required?  Do we need ODBC?
No other software is required.

Will it work with other data sources and databases?
Data must be stored in IBM Db2 on i. If you need to access other data sources, please ask about our optional IQ Connexion module which does give users the ability to access other data sources.


How do we install the software?
NGS provides the QDK software with step-by-step installation instructions and license keys. Installation shouldn't take more than a few minutes. A user manual, tutorial, and technical support guide are also on the media in Adobe PDF format. If you have questions during the process, you are welcome to contact NGS technical support.

Maintenance and Fees

How much does the software cost? What is included?
The NGS QDK costs $1,850. That fee includes a one-year license of the software, toll-free and online technical support, and one year of software maintenance.

Is there maintenance? How do we extend the warranty?
The NGS QDK comes with a one-year warranty covering software maintenance and technical support. You may extend your warranty annually by paying the software maintenance fee.

What if we need more users?
You can license additional users as your needs require. Please email us at or call 800-824-1220 and request a quote.

Can we upgrade?
If you mean add more users, you certainly can at any time. You may also transfer your license to another server if you upgrade your hardware.

What happens after the first year?
If you're happy using the software, you may extend your license and support by paying the annual maintenance fee. Please request a quote.

Do license keys expire after the first year?
The QDK is a subscription license you can elect to extend annually by paying the maintenance fee. Please request a quote.

Demos, Trials, and Training

Can we request a demo?
To schedule a Web demonstration, please email us at or call (800) 824-1220.

Can we get a free trial of the NGS QDK?
Please complete the trial request form linked from this page. Within two working days, you'll receive the software via express courier (on media) with complete installation instructions and digital documentation.

How long is the trial period? What if we need more time?
Do we get support during the trial?
Your free trial is good for six weeks from when the software arrives. During your trial, you have access to the same technical support team you would work with if you licensed the software. If you can't finish your testing in that time, please ask about an extension.

Does NGS provide training?
You may schedule an introductory Web training session and also watch our many educational videos to become familiar with the software. We also provide user manuals and tutorials.

Data and Output

How are queries processed? Do they run in batch or interactively?
Your queries process in batch using the IBM i operating system.

Can we use the NGS QDK to run existing IBM Query/400 queries?
NGS provides a Query/400 API that enables you to run existing Query/400 queries as part of the execution of an NGS query. You may use the features of the NGS software to give additional function and output options to your Query/400 queries without modifying them.

Where can we output data to?
NGS QDK users can output queries to Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word as well as Adobe PDF, HTML, Db2, CSV, TXT, XML, and print.

Can the NGS QDK create, generate, or output spreadsheets?
Yes. You can run a query from your Windows desktop or Web browser and output to Excel.

Can it refresh or update data in an Excel sheet?
Users can refresh (update) a range within a sheet of an Excel workbook while preserving previously saved formatting.

How does the NGS QDK output data in PDF format?
You can run a query from the host or your Web browser and output to PDF.

Can the NGS QDK create Web reports?
The software lets you write a query and immediately run it from your Web browser. You can also use the software to design Web reports with different colors, fonts, borders, charts, drill-down links, and other features.

Can the software run from CL programs?
Queries may be run from CL programs, and you may even write CL programs to pass input parameters to your queries at run time.

Can NGS queries be run on the IBM i server using job scheduling software?
You can use IBM and third-party tools to schedule queries.

Does it handle program exits?
You may supplement query processing with your own custom programs. These programs can be set to run immediately before and after query processing and as special processes that return values to calculated fields.

Does the software support email?
Email is a standard feature of the NGS QDK. You can attach query results to email messages in PDF, CSV, TXT, HTML, and XML format.

Support and Security

Is there technical support?
You receive one year of software maintenance and technical support with your license. NGS provides online incident reporting, email, and toll-free telephone support. NGS QDK users are welcome to call or email the NGS help desk staff during normal business hours.

What security is used?
The NGS QDK complies with your IBM i security settings. If you need more security, ask us about the NGS IQ SeQure module which can be added to the QDK for a fee.

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