NGS-IQ Query and Reporting Processes Video Service

Suggested Topics

We leave it up to you to decide what topics are most important to cover, but we suggest you focus on things that are unique to your operational environment. Here are some ideas:

  • names and relationships of the files used most frequently for queries
  • explanations of query dependencies, query output files and where they are used
  • identify queries that must be run in a particular order or at a particular time (e.g., end of month)
  • queries that are run from a job scheduling utility
  • CL programs or menus used to run queries
  • queries that are built into application menus or other interfaces
  • who needs to receive different reports
  • what tables (files) to select and join
  • what libraries store your data and queries
  • the business logic used in calculations, record selections, and run-time prompts
  • data arithmetic and formatting
  • how you secure data and queries
  • in-house terminology related to your software applications, database, and systems that would be helpful to explain to a new employee
  • explain how to generate and use NGS-IQ management reports to document queries and query usage

Basically, you want to include all the important details that tend to get left out of in-house documentation.

Production Process

We have the software and recording/editing skills to produce this kind of video for you. We can help you create effective PowerPoint slides from your drafts. Once it's done, we give you the video for your own use, and it would never be shared with other companies.

If this sounds interesting, let us know and we can talk more specifically about the process. • (800) 824-1220

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