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The Challenge

Timely access to the vital information contained in your corporate databases is critical to your executives and end users. However, you need to comply with internal control policies and/or regulatory mandates. The IQ SeQure™ security management module of NGS-IQ™ gives you the ability to balance the need for access with the need for control.

IQ SeQure is easy to implement and flexible so that you can develop a superior security plan for your organization.

Database Security

IQ SeQure extends the security features of the IBM i operating system by letting you establish profiles that control database access at the library, file (table), field (column), and record (row) level. You can also secure queries against unauthorized modification and execution.

Field level control enables you to restrict a user or group of users from including specific fields in their reports. Record level control enables a single report, without modification, to return different records for different users, based on their authority. This capability means a single query can serve the needs of multiple users in different territories, divisions, etc., if the structure of their report is the same.

Query Security

IQ SeQure provides query security by giving you control of user access to the following:

  • Selected libraries
  • Selected queries in a library
  • Selected menu options

Security officer control of the query execution environment includes these areas:

  • Run Environment—Batch/Interactive/Both
  • Job Timeslice
  • Job Priority

You also can control who has authority to take advantage of these NGS-IQ functions and modules:

  • Email and FTP
  • Qport® Access (to control downloading)
  • SmartView

To promote re-use and consistency, the IQ SeQure inventory function enables you to document queries with descriptions, extended descriptions, and keywords; then use text searches of that information to locate queries that might meet your current need.

Built for IBM i

NGS-IQ enforces your IBM i security whether you are accessing your data from a Windows, Web browser, or 5250 user interface.

Enterprise Access with Control

With the unparalleled security provided by IQ SeQure, NGS-IQ can become your company-wide solution for securely accessing, analyzing, and presenting your business data. less


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