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NGS-IQ™ from New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS) provides secure Web browser and smartphone access to your enterprise data. You can generate easy-to-read, attention-getting, formatted output in popular file formats—including HTML reports with tables, charts, hyperlinks, and other design elements.

Users enjoy high performance and reliability thanks to NGS-IQ's use of IBM® i's integrated Apache HTTP Server. No JDBC or ODBC is required to process requests. Security is controlled from IBM i, not from a separate server or operating system.

On Demand and Archived Report Access

NGS-IQ supports mobile and Web browser users' on demand, real-time query needs with secure access to reports as well as output stored on your company's Web server or IBM i's Integrated File System (IFS).

NGS-IQ's integrated WebRunner feature lets authorized users run queries from their browser and output them to HTML, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft® Excel.

Report Distribution

NGS-IQ's email and FTP output distribution features can automate the delivery of reports and other data from IBM i to authorized users in HTML, PDF, CSV, TXT, and XML format.

Reports can either be attached to an email message or stored in a secure folder. You can optionally send notification messages  to one or more email addresses when a report is ready to access.

Web Development Without the Language Barrier

Query developers can use the extensive HTML design features of NGS-IQ's IQ Client™ module to create virtually any report layout without writing HTML, Java, or PHP programs.

IQ Client's point-click, drag-drop development interface makes it easy to add images, two­ dimensional  and three-dimensional charts, drill-down hyperlinks, as well as apply your own cascading  style sheets. Even beginners can produce effective presentations.

Portal and Intranet Reporting

Web developers can use NGS-IQ to add real-time query processing to their portals and Web pages by embedding NGS-IQ WebRunner keywords in their pages. Among the variables these English language-like keywords let you control are query name, library, run-time input parameters, and the file format of the output.


NGS-IQ, IQ Client, IQ SeQure, and IQ Connexion are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Cross-Platform and Remote Data Access

With the optional IQ Connexion™ cross-platform database access module of NGS­IQ, you can design reports that combine data from multiple data sources such as Microsoft SQLServer®, Oracle®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL™, and Db2® on other IBM platforms.


NGS-IQ enforces your existing IBM i security settings and also lets you further control access to data, queries, and query functions through the IQ SeQure™ module.

The query inventory feature of the IQ SeQure module helps you document your queries with extended descriptions and keywords. You can perform text searches over this information to locate previously  developed queries that might be able to satisfy or provide a good starting point for responding to a new request. The query inventory feature promotes consistency and reduces development time.

Training and Consulting

NGS offers customers and business partners a full range of training and consulting services.

We strongly encourage new customers to take advantage of our staff's experience and the many hours of video tutorials and Webinar playbacks provided for on-demand viewing at

About NGS

NGS was incorporated in 1982 and is a privately held company based in Sacramento, California, USA. The company is an IBM Business Partner and supports customers of all sizes, across all industries. less

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