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To make smart decisions, you need reports that reflect the complex, multidimensional nature of your business. How much time could you save if you could instantly reformat your most critical reports? Could you make quicker, more accurate decisions if you were able to highlight critical values and drill down or up through multiple levels of detail and summary data – even down to original purchase orders or invoices, on demand? Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to see and compare gross margins, averages, totals, and other summary information across business dimensions? Could your remote users or traveling managers benefit by accessing your corporate data via the Internet and graphing the results in virtually any presentation format?

You can do this and more with SmartView™ from New Generation Software, Inc. (NGS).

What is SmartView?

SmartView is the powerful, Windows online analytical processing (OLAP) module of NGS-IQ™. It enables users to transform NGS-IQ query output into multidimensional models without requiring a database administrator or skilled consultant.

SmartView can provide answers in seconds – whether you want to see sales by division and territory; product by quarter, month and week; shipments by distribution center; aged payables in 30 60, and 90 day buckets; or any other type of analytical report.

SmartView lets you format, pivot, filter, chart, drill into, and analyze your data in virtually unlimited ways. If needed, you can enhance your SmartView model to include values like margins, averages, totals, percentages of totals, and other information.

SmartView allows you to save as many different views of your data on your PC or network as you need. SmartView also gives you the flexibility to refresh your data from your host system as required.

SmartView is not a spreadsheet. It presents a read-only view of your business data, so decision makers can act on what they see without wondering about data integrity.

SmartView Features

  • Drag-and-drop formatting
  • Drill down, drill up, across, and to the lowest level of detail in presentations and charts
  • User-defined data highlighting logic
  • Filtering what is included in a view so that you can effectively isolate or compare data elements
  • Calculated fields based on other data fields in your model
  • Split screens for data comparison
  • 2-D and 3-D charts (pies, bars, lines, etc.)
  • Copying/pasting and exporting to Excel, HTML, and other applications
  • Saving SmartView models and charts as full-color Adobe® PDF files using the Adobe Acrobat Distiller or a PDF printer driver

Complete Integration with NGS-IQ

SmartView is a completely integrated module of the NGS-IQ analytics system. This integration means you benefit from the full database extraction and reporting power of NGS-IQ when transferring data to SmartView. It also means you can provide your managers with easy access to your data without compromising security or performance.

What is NGS-IQ?

NGS-IQ is a comprehensive query, reporting, and analytics solution built for IBM i. It includes both IBM i and Windows-based data extraction and reporting tools that provide you with advanced functionality and presentation features.

NGS-IQ users can create queries with the IQ Server™ (IQ), IQ Client™, and Qport® Builder modules and run their queries on IBM i from Windows, Web pages, portals, Web applications, Web-enabled smartphones, and 5250 “green screen” interfaces.



NGS-IQ’s Qport® Access module on the Windows desktop is the bridge that delivers data to SmartView. Qport Access provides run-time access to NGS-IQ queries and supports the ad-hoc entry of selection criteria, calculation formulas, and output target, including Excel, Word, Microsoft Access, the Windows display, and IBM i or ASCII printers.

All data extractions, queries and reports defined and run through NGS-IQ operate in accordance with your existing IBM i security. You may also develop database and report authority specifically for your NGS-IQ users with the IQ SeQure™ module.

Smart Client Architecture

SmartView performs impressively on nearly any Windows workstation. Users need no additional IBM i connectivity software to operate SmartView. The software lets you connect and leverage the resources of IBM i for data retrieval and then work offline while performing your analysis to make optimal use of your computing resources. less


NGS-IQ, IQ Server, IQ Client, IQ SeQure, Qport Access, Qport Builder, and SmartView are trademarks of New Generation Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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