ConcertPro™ ConcertPro
The Bridge Between Your NGS Concert Series Data and Your Excel Worksheet

Joining Separate Worlds

The Concert Series™ General Ledger (G/L), Accounts Payable (A/P), and Accounts Receivable (A/R) systems are the heart of your financial management system. They provide you with an easy-to-use, full-function, high-performance and low-support solution that exploits the best of today's IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) platform.

However, as an accounting professional, you’re probably most comfortable preparing financial reports and analyzing data in a Windows point-and-click, drag-and-drop work environment like Microsoft® Excel. ConcertPro provides the bridge from IBM i to Windows that you need.

With ConcertPro, you can do the following:

  • Download Concert Series G/L, A/P, and A/R data to Microsoft® Excel worksheets
  • Upload budgets and transactions from Excel into your Concert Series G/L
  • Produce account distribution listings to locate invoices or checks that affect a specific G/L account, identify incorrectly allocated transactions, or track account activity
  • Download open and history transactions by specifying date ranges, accounts types, and accounts—within or across companies, in summary or detail, with or without totals
  • Review invoices for spending patterns
  • Plan payments by currency type
  • Estimate incoming cash versus timing of liability payments
  • Analyze sales activity
  • Create customized statements for third-party payer
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

A Bridge to Your Financial Data

ConcertPro provides a dynamic link to your IBM i database to quickly and accurately update your Excel spreadsheets with current financial data.

Once your data is downloaded, you can use Excel to filter, produce automatic subtotals, or create other custom worksheet views. You can use Excel’s extensive formatting and graphing features to create presentation-quality reports, such as pie charts, graphs, tables, and 3-D charts. In addition, ConcertPro allows you to take a general journal entry from Excel and upload it through the G/L outside system interface to automatically create a posting batch.

Easy Financial Statements

Excel’s drill-through capability allows you to pull totals and subtotals from a single "download sheet" into one or many master report sheets, such as a Statement of Income or Balance Sheet. There’s no need to recreate your standard reports each month—just update automatically from your IBM i database.

Down to the Detail

Pick an account and let ConcertPro download detail to posted journal history. Detail can include G/L effective date, transaction amount, description of activities, journal code, source code and more!

Budgeting Asset

ConcertPro can simplify budget planning by importing your Concert Series G/L budget and actual expenditures into Excel from your G/L database.

Within Excel, you can set up a budget planning sheet that shows, account by account, the variance, percentage of increase or decrease, future year projected budget amounts, and explanatory comments. When you finish setting the new budget amounts, you can automatically transfer those results to your G/L accounts on IBM i.

Freeze and Thaw

Before you disconnect from IBM i, ConcertPro allows you to “freeze” formulas. When you resume your work, ConcertPro “thaws” the formulas, ensuring your most recent calculations, etc. are ready to use.

The “freeze/thaw” feature is especially beneficial for your traveling and remote users. They can connect to IBM i to download the data they need and “freeze” formulas before disconnecting. Then, working offline, they can create presentations and reports, change formatting, and more. When they reconnect to the server, the “thaw” function recalculates formulas, and the most recent data and balances download to Excel.

Secure, Accurate Data Access

ConcertPro streamlines and simplifies the entire data analysis process for you and your accounting staff by providing ease of use, accuracy, and access to your most recent accounting data.

NGS understands that security is of primary concern when users are accessing your financial data, so ConcertPro performs in strict compliance with IBM i security.

The product allows you to make the most of both IBM i and Windows environments:

  • Data integrity, processing power, reliability, and security
  • Familiar Excel interface, customized reporting, and upload capabilities
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